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Can  You  Identify ?

Little or no information may be known about the items listed below. If you can offer anything please identify with the number and let the webmaster know and we will add info as we get it. Thanks in advance for your help.

1. Lead parts fit together perfectly and were dug in a Pioneer Fort.

 Solution could be a lead seal on a sack of corn or similar grain.  Items are dug in England very similar to the example shown.


2. Sterling Silver Badge. Letters C. T. A. U. of Lambda, dug in a Pioneer Fort.   Suggested to be Catholic in origin.

The  silver cross letters stand for "The Catholic Total Abstinence Union of America"  You can find the reference at It very well could be dated late 1800's to early 1900's.   Joey Burlison



3. Don't know where to begin on this one.   It's brass and about 5 inches long.

Looks very much to me as though it is a dagger chape for fitting on the end of a sheath.  We find quite a lot of these in England where I detect.  Chris Duncan


4. Merchants Detective Agency Badge.   Dug at Civil War Union fort in Mitchellsville, TN.


5. Who is this Man??   President Grover Cleveland??

According to Brian Hershey from Lancaster, PA it is President Grover Cleveland.


I believe the man in unidentified item number 5 is really President William
Howard Taft. Compare this picture:

Regards, Mike Tompkins 

Webmaster Note:  Thanks Mike - believe you are correct!!


6. Thin Brass Eagle w/Stars.


7. Made of Tin with Lead Seam 5 Inches Long.


According to William L. Walters number 7 is an old toothpaste tube.


8. Brass Shield??


9. Brass Disk 3 3/8 Inches in Diameter.


10. Script Letter Identification Device.


11. Railroad Button


12. Fireman's Button   (the man is shouting FIRE)

 Identified as a New York Fire Dept Captain's Button


13. Unknown Belt Plate


14. Trans Mississippi Motif?

Pete George has identified this as a post-Civil-War Mosman's Patent (1879) "buckle-shield" for a horseharness buckle.


15. Annie Oakley Shooters Target??



Your item # 15 on your site is an Annie Oakley target disc, I believe. My grandfather, long ago deceased, was in charge of golf at Pinehurst in the 20's and 30's when Annie Oakley was in residence there and he gave me a similar disc and told me she used to shoot these out of the air to demonstrate her prowess. Don't know how much it's worth and this is the first other one I've come across...


Steve Wilson
Calgary, Alta., Canada
16. Anybody know what kind of bullet this is??


17. Unknown Sword Handle.  Dimensions top to bottom is 6 inches.



18. Found at a construction site in Nashville, TN.  Button is two piece, silver plated, one inch in diameter.  Has a "T" on the front and backmark reads:  D. H. & O  -  New York.



19. Appears to be a belt buckle of some kind but just don't know.  Note initials P & H as well as the shock of wheat and plow.  Hand shake on the bottom of the shield.
John Gorto says this is a "Patrons of husbandry" (grange) belt plate.



20. Approximately 10 inches left to right and is probably cast brass or a brass alloy.




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