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Constitution and By-Laws



We associate ourselves together for the following purpose: To learn, seek, discover, and help persons or parties to recover antiquities of the past; to conduct ourselves in a manner that is courteous and polite with consideration for others; to establish good fellowship with all treasure hunters.


ARTICLE I: The name of this organization shall be the Middle Tennessee Metal Detecting Club

ARTICLE II: The object and purpose of this club will be to promote the principals and policies as set forth in the Preamble, Constitution, By-Laws and Code of Ethics of this club.

ARTICLE III: All persons shall be eligible for membership in this club, providing they meet the regulations and rules set forth in the By-Laws enacted by this club.

ARTICLE IV: The elected officers in this club shall be: President, Vice President, Secretary, Correspondence Secretary and Treasurer.

ARTICLE V: The President shall appoint the Board of Directors which will consist of the Elected Officers and a maximum of six members: one Board member for for each five regular members.

ARTICLE VI: This club shall have monthly meetings, outings, and Board of Directors meeting as set forth in the By-Laws.

ARTICLE VII: The revenue of this club shall be derived from annual membership dues and such other sources as may be approved by the club Board of Directors and club members.

ARTICLE VIII: This club shall have the authority to enact By-Laws for the operation and control of its purpose.

ARTICLE IX: This Constitution and By-Laws may be amended at any regular meeting or special meeting by a two thirds (2/3) affirmative vote of the total membership and all members must vote AYE, NAY or signify abstention.

ARTICLE X: A quorum for club meetings shall consist of: A. President and/or Vice President presiding. B. One additional elected officer. C. One-fourth of total membership.

ARTICLE XI: A quorum for the Board of Directors meetings will consist of: A. Chairman and/or President or Vice President. B. Two-thirds of the Board Members.

ARTICLE XII: This Constitution and By-Laws shall be properly registered and recorded to operate as a legal club.

ARTICLE XIII: The laws of the United States, State of Tennessee and the local city or county shall take precedence over all club regulations and rules.

By- Laws


Section 1 - The club existing under these By-Laws is to be known as the Middle Tennessee Metal Detecting Club.

Section 2- The objectives and purpose of this club are set forth in the Constitution.


The Code of Ethics is as follows:

Section 1 - Leave the land and vegetation as it was and fill all holes.

Section 2 - Observe all existing laws, whether national, state or local.

Section 3 - Do not destroy, damage or deface public or private property.

Section 4 - Dispose of all dug objects properly.

Section 5 - Respect the rights and property of others and observe posted areas.

Section 6 - Always conduct yourself in a manner that is courteous and polite with consideration for others and remember, all treasure hunters may be judged by the example you set.

ARTICLE III: A meeting, to be official, must be attended by a quorum as set forth in the Constitution.

ARTICLE IV: Any person may become a member of this club after meeting the requirements as set forth in these By-Laws.

Section 1- Adult membership is limited to 18 years of age or older.

Section 2 - Family membership consists of all members of one family. A family is defined as being a married couple or single parent and their children 17 years of age or under.

Section 3 - Junior members are 12-17 years of age and have written consent to attend the meetings and outings and must be accompanied by parent and/or guardian.

Section 4 - Associate members are semi-active and may not vote.

Section 5 - Honorary members are accepted for professional services.

Section 6 - New applicants must submit an application.


Section 1 - The president's duties are to preside over all club activities, to be present and to act as overseer of the Board of Directors and to appoint a temporary officer to fulfill a vacant office for a remaining term of office.

Section 2 - The Vice President in the absence or disability of the President performs all duties of the President and assists the President in all matters.

Section 3 - The Secretary keeps the minutes of all proceedings and informs the club members of club activities or anything of interest to the club

Section 4 - The treasurer collects, records and safely keeps all funds of this club and gives monthly reports.

Section 5 - the Board of Directors shall:

A. Operate as a review and recommendation committee for the club.

B. Appoint the non-elected officials.

C. Rule on disciplinary action.

D. Appoint a nominating committee of 3 members to screen the eligibility of nominees for officers.


Section 1 - The elected officers will hold a term of office for two (2) years.

Section 2 - The appointed officials will hold a term of office for one (1) year.

Section 3 - The special committee-heads term of office shall be for the length of time as designated by the Board of Directors.

Section 4 - The elected officers must 18 years or older.


Section 1 - A prospective officer must have been a member of this club for not less than six months and be in good standing with the club.

Section 2 - Board of Directors will meet preceding the regular club meetings every month.

Section 3 - Any observer, associate member or honorary member may voice an opinion, but may not take part in any voting or closed meetings.


Section 1 - Dues regulations are as follows:

A. Regular membership ---------------------$30.00

B. Family membership ------------------ $35.00

C. Associate membership ------------------ $7.00

D. Dues are payable on acceptance

E. Dues are from January 1 to December 31.

F. New members dues will be prorated according to the months remaining.

G. Refunds will be subject to the decisions of the Board of Directors.

Section 2 - Treasury withdrawal limitations:

A. President and Treasurer --------------$100 (and under)

B. Board of Directors ------------------ $100 (and over)

C. All other amounts must be approved by a quorum at an official meeting

*All expenditures on the authority of President/Treasurer.

Section 3 - The club will maintain a checking account requiring signatures of the President or Treasurer.


Section 1 - Only two members of any one family may vote.

Section 2 - Honorary and Associate members may not vote.

ARTICLE XI: The By-Laws may be enacted or amended by two-thirds affirmative vote of the total membership.



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